Heartland Dental Foundation Welcomes New Board Members and Elects Officers for 2024

Heartland Dental Foundation Welcomes New Board Members and Elects Officers for 2024

Pictured above: Top row (L to R) Health Hall, Chairperson; Sabrina Sennett, Vice Chairperson; Dr. Julie Galloway, Treasurer                                     - Middle (L to R) Leo Wheat; Caitlyn Scheifer - Bottom (L to R) Maha Gaballa; Dr. David Foster

In an exciting development for the Heartland Dental Foundation, three distinguished individuals have been elected as new board members, set to commence their roles in January 2024. Dr. David Foster, Maha Gaballa, and Sabrina Sennett bring a wealth of experience and passion to the Foundation, ready to contribute to its mission. As we welcome these new members, we also express our heartfelt gratitude to the outgoing board members, Tarra Clark, Dr. Gerald Benson, and Brandon Belford, for their dedicated service over the past three years.

New Board Members:

1. Dr. David Foster: With an illustrious career in dentistry, Dr. David Foster joins the Heartland Dental Foundation board, bringing his expertise and commitment to improving oral health and access to dental care.

2. Maha Gaballa: Maha Gaballa, known for her philanthropic endeavors, brings a unique perspective to the board. Her passion for community service aligns seamlessly with the Foundation's goals, promising to enhance its impact.

3. Sabrina Sennett: Sabrina Sennett, a dedicated advocate for healthcare initiatives, joins the board with a focus on making a positive difference in the lives of those who need it most. Her commitment to service and Heartland Dental is a valuable asset to the Heartland Dental Foundation.

Acknowledging Outgoing Members: We extend our sincere thanks to the outgoing board members, Tarra Clark, Dr. Gerald Benson, and Brandon Belford, for their exemplary service and invaluable contributions. Their dedication has played a crucial role in advancing the foundation's mission and leaving a lasting impact on the communities served. Special thanks to Brandon Belford who was the chair of the Foundation for the past two years.

New Board Officers for 2024: In addition to welcoming new members, the Heartland Dental Foundation has elected new officers to guide its efforts in 2024.

1. Heath Hall - Chairperson: Heath Hall assumes the role of Chairperson, bringing leadership and strategic vision to guide the Foundation toward achieving its objectives. His experience and commitment will undoubtedly contribute to the continued success of the organization.

2. Sabrina Sennett - Vice Chairperson: Sabrina Sennett's election as Vice Chairperson reflects the trust and confidence the board has in her leadership abilities. Her dual role as a new board member and vice chairperson underscores her dedication to the Foundation's mission.

3. Dr. Julie Galloway - Treasurer: Dr. Julie Galloway takes on the crucial role of Treasurer, bringing financial acumen and a deep understanding of the healthcare landscape. Her expertise will be instrumental in ensuring the Foundation's fiscal responsibility and sustainability.

As the Heartland Dental Foundation prepares for the year 2024, the addition of new board members and the appointment of officers signal a bright future for the organization. With a blend of experience, passion, and commitment, the Foundation is poised to make even greater strides in advancing the support for team members, supported doctors, and dental professionals across Heartland Dental. We express our gratitude to all board members, past and present, for their dedication to the Foundation's noble cause.