Heartland Dental Foundation Mission Trip Furthers the Importance of the Tie Between Dental Care and Overall Health

This month the Heartland Dental Foundation conducted its second humanitarian dental trip as 12 Heartland Dental supported doctors and Pat Bauer, Heartland’s CEO, traveled to Mission Lazarus in Honduras and operated two clinics to provide dental care. One clinic was focused on restorative and root canal therapy and the other clinic provided extractions.

In total, Heartland Dental supported doctors treated 103 patients, delivering $131,998 worth of treatment, which included 224 extractions, 119 fillings, and 12 root canals. The team truly embodied Heartland Dental’s Core Values throughout the trip, going above and beyond to provide care to those in need.

The trip was possible thanks to the donations provided by Heartland Dental team members to the Heartland Dental Foundation as well as Henry Schein Cares, who generously contributed all the necessary supplies.

The Importance of Oral Care

Oral disease is a universal human experience that crosses all geographic and demographic boundaries. And in the region where Mission Lazarus is located, it is difficult for individuals to get oral care because of the remote location, and many people in the community cannot afford the fees associated with the oftentimes extensive care that they need.

Oral care is essential to overall health, but the reality is – many people around the world struggle to access dental services, allowing potentially dangerous conditions to remain untreated. Our supported doctors were able to use their incredible skills to provide this vital care and cultivate dignity and purpose so patients can live abundant lives.

Living Heartland’s Mission and Vision

The trip exemplified Heartland Dental's commitment to living its mission and vision. Community involvement and providing world class patient care are core values of the company's culture, and the Foundation's mission trip was a perfect example of putting these values into action.

The Heartland Dental Foundation’s mission is to harness the generous and compassionate spirit of those connected to our support network through broad-based giving to charitable pillars. The mission trip is one of the many ways the Foundation engages the Heartland Dental network to give back to our communities and make a difference.

The mission trip volunteers included:

Dr. David Foster

Dr. Leo Wheat

Dr. Isaac Goode

Dr. Natalie Godoy

Dr. Cinthia Funes

Dr. Elizabeth Muraya

Dr. Mary Dixon

Dr. Erik Holsen

Dr. Anelisse Rivera Velez

Dr. Nicholas Hieu Nguyen

Dr. Fadzanai Mukarakate

Dr. Alejandra Riera De Jesus