The Heartland Dental Foundation Takes Their Care International

The Heartland Dental Foundation Takes Their Care International

In June, the Heartland Dental Foundation conducted its first ever humanitarian dental trip. A team of 10 people, including 9 Heartland Dental supported doctors traveled to Mission Lazarus in Honduras and operated two clinics to provide dental services. Thanks to generous supplies donations from Henry Schein and Denstply Sirona, and a $25,000 donation from the American Dental Partners (ADP) Foundation, the team provided 243 extractions, 73 fillings, 15 root canals, and 15 build-ups – totaling $130,000 in care!

 “This mission trip validated why I am so proud to be a dentist supported by Heartland Dental,” said volunteer Lauren Houliston, DMD of Dental Cosmetic Center in Texas City, Texas. “Volunteering with the other supported doctors to gift people a better smile is something I will never forget.”

The Importance of Oral Care

“In the region where Mission Lazarus is located, it is difficult for individuals to get oral care because of the remote location, and many of these individuals cannot afford the fees associated with the oftentimes extensive care that they need,” explained Brandon Belford, Heartland Dental Vice President of Strategic Sourcing and Chairman of the Heartland Dental Foundation. “Our supported doctors were able to treat their needs that affect their well-being and quality of life.”  “Oral care is essential to overall health, but the reality is – many people around the world struggle to access dental services, allowing potentially dangerous conditions to remain untreated,” explained volunteer David Foster, DDS of Gallatin Dental Care.

Living Heartland’s Mission and Vision

Dr. Houliston shared that having the opportunity to use her skills and give back to those less fortunate was an opportunity he was grateful to have, sharing “I never in a million years thought that I would have the opportunity to travel the world and put my skills to use in this way. I am honored I was able to be part of this group.” Both Dr. Foster and Dr. Houliston agree that Heartland Dental’s culture was largely at the center of the journey. “Community involvement and providing world-class patient care in our communities is core to Heartland Dental’s culture and business model,” reflected Dr. Foster. “This mission trip is a perfect example of Heartland Dental living out its mission and vision.” Growing from her mission experience, Dr. Houliston will continue to change her patients’ lives through dental care. “It’s so rewarding, not only to have a skill, but to use that skill for people who so desperately need it,” said Dr. Houliston. The Heartland Dental Foundation’s mission is to harness the generous and compassionate spirit of those connected to our support network through broad-based giving to charitable pillars. The mission trip is one of the many ways the Foundation engages the Heartland Dental network of supported doctors to give back to our communities and make a difference.

The Heartland Dental volunteers included Dr. David Foster, Dr. William Garcia Velasco, Dr Kourtland Halle, Dr. Lauren Houllston, Dr. Mahmoud Irannezhad, Dr. Viet Lam, Dr. Christopher Nguyen, Dr. Kevin Klen Nguyen, Dr. Behrad Torklan, and David Wels.